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Good Enough…Isn’t

There’s too much competition in the world for you to be satisfied with merely being good. To achieve sustainable success entrepreneurs and business leaders must strive to be great.

The path to greatness isn’t generated by some magical moment. It requires a commitment to excellence, diligence, and clarity of purpose. It demands a laser focused approach on what is vital and elimination of all extraneous distractions. I coach my clients on how to focus their attention on the right things and stop doing the senseless things that consume time and energy. As a result, they complete the journey from good to great without increasing the number of hours they work.

What’s the first step you should take on your own journey to greatness? If you’re like most hard-charging entrepreneurs and leaders, you have an exceptional to-do list. However, where’s your stop-doing list? You must have unyielding discipline to stop doing everything that doesn’t fit tightly within your goals and objectives.

Octavius Gould [CEO, GoldHawk Partners, LLC]


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