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Emotional Intelligence

Are you a corporate leader or entrepreneur who has difficulty controlling and appropriately expressing your emotions, while managing interpersonal relationships empathetically? If so, it’s time to be more coach-like by gaining a greater degree of emotional intelligence.

Octavius Gould, CEO

The best leaders garner higher influence when connecting with team members emotionally. They have great social skills, communicate effectively, and manage their emotions to defuse conflict. By developing your emotional intelligence, you’ll also prevent negative emotions from influencing your decision-making professionally, as well as personally. Moreover, emotionally intelligent leaders are comfortable demonstrating that they care about the people who they serve, because they have balanced egos, self-awareness, and a passion for creating a work environment that is conducive to success.

As a leadership consultant and executive coach who’s evolving in our new business world, I am committed to enhancing my client’s emotional intelligence, as well as my own self-regulation.

You may wonder, how to coach on emotional intelligence without having employees raise their guard. As leaders we must lead by example here by developing great working relationships with trust as the foundation. Listen to comprehend; not to respond. Develop our own self-awareness and not practice avoidance when there’s an opportunity to reduce conflict.

a) Ask interview questions to gauge EI and build a culture that fosters camaraderie. Speak with references!

b) Consider (the right) assessment tools.

c) Identity each team member’s strengths and weaknesses.

d) Team building exercises are effective and create a fun way to role play to enhance EI.

e) Allow team members to have a voice, manage stress and constructively express their emotions.

f) Every conversation is an opportunity to coach on EI or other areas of development, even if done informally.

Lastly, partner with a coach (trusted advisor) who can be objective, while creating a safe place for team members. Too often organizations throw professionals into a classroom expecting behavioral change, but it takes practice and reinforcement to develop this important skill.

By Octavius Gould (CEO, Executive Coach)

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Paradigm Shift

As an business coach for over a decade, I have guided entrepreneurs and corporate executives through a paradigm shift to avoid them having a preconceived idea of what the world is, what it should be like, and how it should operate. My objective is to remove log-jams to their creative thought process.

If you are considering an entrepreneurial endeavor it’s imperative guard against traditional assumptions about how things should be to avoid killing your creativity. Moreover, don’t fear thinking outside the box; no one is going to change the locks on you!

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Good Enough…Isn’t

There’s too much competition in the world for you to be satisfied with merely being good. To achieve sustainable success entrepreneurs and business leaders must strive to be great.

The path to greatness isn’t generated by some magical moment. It requires a commitment to excellence, diligence, and clarity of purpose. It demands a laser focused approach on what is vital and elimination of all extraneous distractions. I coach my clients on how to focus their attention on the right things and stop doing the senseless things that consume time and energy. As a result, they complete the journey from good to great without increasing the number of hours they work.

What’s the first step you should take on your own journey to greatness? If you’re like most hard-charging entrepreneurs and leaders, you have an exceptional to-do list. However, where’s your stop-doing list? You must have unyielding discipline to stop doing everything that doesn’t fit tightly within your goals and objectives.

Octavius Gould [CEO, GoldHawk Partners, LLC]

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Self-Control in Business

Octavius Gould

Self-control is essential to business success! Being able to control your emotions during confrontations is as important as the need for emotional balance when excited. It impacts your decision making, character, daily habits, and actions. It also plays a key role in the perception that your boss, peers, employees, or clients may have of you.

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Plan Your Career

People who dislike their job, boss, or company should create a purposeful career and professional development strategy for 2020. When most professionals reach out to my executive search firm they’re already in serious need of a new job. It’s important to be proactive with your job search and career pathing, so you can make sound decisions without financial pressures.

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Mental Toughness in Business

Mental toughness is necessary if you want to become a successful business owner or corporate leader. You must possess an ability to manage or overcome doubts and concerns that prevent you from being elite. Top notch leaders and business owners maintain an attitude that they will always execute at a maximum level of consistently. Their mental toughness allows them to bounce back from bad situations and adversity to have the performance outcome that they set out to achieve.

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Business Pillars

Entrepreneurs must understand the pillars of their company’s business, as well as how to operate more effectively and efficiently. It’s mission-critical that new business owners learn how to apply the dimensions of business acumen that focus on people, processes, and projects, so that everyone sees the big business picture.

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Multitasking Versus Singletasking

We all boast about being able to multitask. However, juggling multiple things at once can make us less productive. If your concentration is constantly being disrupted and redirected to different tasks it could hinder your efficiency; causing unnecessary stress. It’s fine to be laser-focused on one important task, since distractions can be detrimental to your success. Ok…enough with being the “cool multitasker” I’ve got important work to do.

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Create a Vision Statement For Your Career.

Octavius-Gould-LogoIICompanies develop vision statements, so why not you? Regardless of your chosen field for employment it is mission-critical to development a vision of where you would like to go, as well as a strategy for getting there.
Unfortunately, too many employees fail to plan further ahead than their next career endeavor; if they plan at all. Most of the career seekers our firm consults admit that they never network or even research companies until they find themselves unemployed or upset with their employer.
The Gould Group advocates looking as far into the future as you can and deciding where you want to end up and what steps will lead you there. Your strategy may need to be adjusted at various times; however, having a plan will give you a roadmap to success.
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Differentiate Yourself In The Interview.

Job InterviewWhen heading into your next job interview remember that the hiring authority spoke to twenty candidates who boasted about the exact same skills. The line about being a team player will not produce an offer letter. Your job related skills are nice, but the hiring manager is looking for the one person who can save the day by clearly articulating how they utilized their core competencies and experience to achieve consistent results for their former employers.

Sit down the evening before your next interview and define how your past performance can be an asset to your new employer. It is all about being the only candidate capable of communicating their true value proposition.