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Executive Presence – A Top Leadership Skill

Did you know that executive presence was ranked second in the top 20 leadership skills that make a difference. Source: Gartner What is executive presence and why is it important? Executive presence is a vital skill! When it’s combined with other characteristic traits it can have a person show up as a dynamic leader who […]

Paradigm Shift

As an business coach for over a decade, I have guided entrepreneurs and corporate executives through a paradigm shift to avoid them having a preconceived idea of what the world is, what it should be like, and how it should operate. My objective is to remove log-jams to their creative thought process. If you are […]

Good Enough…Isn’t

There’s too much competition in the world for you to be satisfied with merely being good. To achieve sustainable success entrepreneurs and business leaders must strive to be great. The path to greatness isn’t generated by some magical moment. It requires a commitment to excellence, diligence, and clarity of purpose. It demands a laser focused […]

Self-Control in Business

Self-control is essential to business success! Being able to control your emotions during confrontations is as important as the need for emotional balance when excited. It impacts your decision making, character, daily habits, and actions. It also plays a key role in the perception that your boss, peers, employees, or clients may have of you.

Mental Toughness in Business

Mental toughness is necessary if you want to become a successful business owner or corporate leader. You must possess an ability to manage or overcome doubts and concerns that prevent you from being elite. Top notch leaders and business owners maintain an attitude that they will always execute at a maximum level of consistently. Their […]

Business Pillars

Entrepreneurs must understand the pillars of their company’s business, as well as how to operate more effectively and efficiently. It’s mission-critical that new business owners learn how to apply the dimensions of business acumen that focus on people, processes, and projects, so that everyone sees the big business picture.

Create a Vision Statement For Your Career.

Companies develop vision statements, so why not you? Regardless of your chosen field for employment it is mission-critical to development a vision of where you would like to go, as well as a strategy for getting there. Unfortunately, too many employees fail to plan further ahead than their next career endeavor; if they plan at […]

Differentiate Yourself In The Interview.

When heading into your next job interview remember that the hiring authority spoke to twenty candidates who boasted about the exact same skills. The line about being a team player will not produce an offer letter. Your job related skills are nice, but the hiring manager is looking for the one person who can save […]

Future Business Trends

Business leaders should be prepared for ten business trends that will impact companies over the next few years: Competition for talent will intensify. Centers of economic activity will shift globally. Technological connectivity will increase. Ubiquitous access to information will change economics of knowledge. Demand for natural resources will grow, as will the strain on the environment. Population […]

Octavius Gould New Blog

Hello Friends, Thank you for visiting my new blog. The goal of my posts is to help entrepreneurs, startups, and business leaders. I look forward to providing compelling information that may lead to sustainable success. Octavius Gould The Gould Group, LLC